The Adventurous Asia Foundation's "Water Well Program" is committed to helping local people, and regional communities & organizations to help people stop using polluted water from the pools and other dirty & unhygienic locations, in favour of safer alternatives. This helps alleviate some of the effects of poverty and develops sound community health and conservation practices.

The vision, of The Adventurous Asia Foundation, is to provide long-term support for existing natural ecosystems to ensure that human populations, flora & fauna and the rest of nature continue to survive and coexist together successfully.

This includes working together with local people groups and regional & international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to inspire and develop sound community health and conservation practices, and to assist in lessening the severity of global climate changes.

This Adventurous Asia Foundation project is deeply committed to world-wide and nation-wide conservation; we believe that the preservation of our natural and cultural heritages is best accomplished through the sustained unification of environmental and economic goals.


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