Vey, a reliable and remarkable guide was born in Cambodia and is a survivor of the dark Khmer Rouge regime which still remains recent history. He spent his childhood witnessing many atrocities and continued to experience a difficult life as his family struggled on afterwards.

He has been working as a cultural guide and independent interpreter for many years, having excellent knowledge in history, culture & arts, and is fluent in the English language. Through his hard work and love for his culture and country, Lav Vey has become an excellent ambassador, of his country, to the world.

As company founder, director and educator, Vey understands the archeological values, the culture, and the history of the kingdom of Cambodia.

Vey also works for the UK, London based Foundation, ELMA, together having founded a school in Sambour Village, just three kilometers from Siem Reap. The Foundation built the school and offers English language lessons, school materials, morality and health lessons for the poor, homeless kids and vulnerable people whose families can’t afford to pay for their education. The foundation and Vey provide these local people with an excellent and unique opportunity. Currently Vey is the school principle, observing teaching staff and also setting school curriculums and lesson plans. He is committed to helping children as much as possible, believing that the situation of children and families in Cambodia needs improving, so considers his work with children to be invaluable to Cambodia's continued growth.

He first began gathering poor kids, at this charity school, by providing English language tuition, twice per day. He says that education is a social and civil rights issue, so now is a great time for us to stand up and fight against illiteracy and poverty.

"We know more than half of the population is illiterate and living in or near poverty. Therefore, as human beings, we need to help raise our fellow brothers up towards a better future."

Vey himself worked to secure donations to build the school, persistent through his belief that history must be taught so that it doesn't repeat itself again. Many have seen the movie “The Killing Fields”, which provides some insight into what happened during Cambodia's recent dark hour.

As well as operating as a tour guide, business operator and charity worker, Vey is also in the process of completing his master's degree in English. For many Cambodians, education is a long term process, often taking many years as most students must earn sufficient income in advance of each educational year.

Vey's first visit to the famous Angkor complex (including the famous Angkor Wat) was in 1986 as a boy. At that time, the sites were still overgrown and obscured with forest, and some monuments were still used by the Cambodian troops, making it extremely difficult to reach some of the sites. Vey remembers being surprised by the huge amount of destruction and harm that had been done to the environment and to such precious cultural heritage.

Vey regards tourism and education as useful tools towards the solution of many social and civil rights issues and a potential driving force to help lead the human world towards a brighter future.

With over ten years’ experience in the tourism industry, and with certified travel partners, Adventurous Asia also makes every aspect of your vacation extraordinary and enriching, without compromising scale and style.

Since 2000, our teams have paved the way in the tourism sector within Asia, with qualified staff introducing more locations as they become accessible and available. We continue to point out more and more destinations and new ways of exploring the world as they become available.

Traveling brings many new experiences to life, including: meeting new and different people, learning new things, enriching experiences and finding satisfaction for the soul and spirit. Each new place you visit and explore will enrich your mind and life experience. Our primary tour operator, Lav Vey, operates within a real personal culture of excellence and dignity, committed to delivering a unique experience.

As we also continue to engage in life long journeys, our organization, and already wide range of services, also grows, helping to bring you the most as you explore our amazing world. 

As already mentioned, Adventurous Asia recognizes the important role that tourism plays in the social and economic development of Cambodia, especially by helping to improve the living standards of the Cambodian people and increasing their awareness of their environmental and cultural heritage.

In recognition of the empowerment that such education brings to the local people, Adventurous Asia chooses to donate to theELMA foundation. ELMA provides education to Cambodian children through its school building program, provision of free educational material and English language tuition program.

Finally, many thanks from all those at Adventurous Asia - to all those travelers who are continually coming to Cambodia to experience our cultural, historical and environmental richness. We hope the 21st century is a prosperous era and blesses you and the rest of the world.


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The Adventurous Asia Team

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