Our Guides

Our tour guides are all licensed, and experts in travel industry with passion combining high quality destinations with personalized service, providing excellent value regardless of your budget, available time or activity preferences.

We use the hand selected tour guides by our specialists as the best possible to strive to offer a real insight into their country and various tourism attractions more than just names, dates, beauty to make things a real different outstanding and excellent trips.

All our certified and qualified, English speaking guides are native experts of the culture and have many years knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of Cambodia's colorful history and sites of interest.

If you have any concerns regarding food and accommodation, our tour guides are there to help you, being well aware of all that is available and able to help you with any specific requirements.

Our archaeology guides have studied with the greats among Cambodia’s top archaeologists and they have been experiencing in leading archaeology groups in the world famous UNESCO Angkor archaeological site in Cambodia for many years.  They will be with you every step of the way, let you know a specific era that you would like to learn.

Our lecturers are distinguished faculty from respected universities. We choose them not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge, but also for their ability to fascinate their listeners, their passion for sharing what they know, and their sociability.

 Customized Itineraries

To make your adventure, or relaxed journey, as smooth and comfortable as possible, we will organize and facilitate accommodation according to your standard and budget, all transportation and your selection of activities and attractions to visit.

Each itinerary is customized to your personal needs and aspirations. If you want to research Cambodia for yourself and then have us organize your trip, or whether you would like to rely on our extensive knowledge, and relationships with tourist related organizations and hotels, to work with you in creating your itinerary, we are flexible and here to serve you in any way that we can.

We are most commonly called on to provide exciting and interesting combinations of activities which focus on history, culture and art, while fortifying you with authentic and savory Cambodian cuisine. Whatever your needs or desires, though, we are more than able to serve you and to help provide a truly memorable experience.

We have prepared some suggested itineraries to help you and to give you some ideas. Please contact us if you want any further information

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