AA Home Stay, Cambodia

 Home stay is a great opportunity to every traveler to captures the essence of life in the heartland of Cambodia.

There are only traditional stilted Khmer Houses made of wood, bamboo and palm trees, with thatch, palm leaf and tile roofs. Every house is a comfortable to stay, a room or large hall with tied wooden floor covered by a single or double thin mattress, and it is equipped with mosquito net and battery operated fan.

For luxury home stay

Our deluxe wooden house is a big house, large single / double/ twin rooms with fan or A/C which is perfect for local and traveler, comprising of one or two 2 suite bathrooms as well as a living room/extra bedroom, dining room and kitchen.

In case you thought we had forgotten something, Khmer Homestay also provides clean toilet and shower facilities for all our guests on-site.

About food

We will have one cook and the host will help you cook the preferred Khmer food for all three meals each day. If you would love to have a market tour before cooking we will arrange it for you, the market tour will be one support staff that can help you in language communication. For any dietary restriction you might have we will have another set of food for you that affect your help.


Cooking class: chefs will first demonstrate how to prepare authentic Khmer dishes. Then it’s your turn to try your hand at cooking local Khmer cuisine. Slice and pound your way through the ingredients before cooking each dish in the traditional way. You will be given a recipe book and apron which you can take home to practice your newly learnt cooking skills and relive your time in Cambodia! Enjoy your meal at the private house in the village which you will then sit down and eat as local in family style.

Oxen cart ride: You will take an Ox cart ride through the village and even learn how to drive! You will then meet the host family who will be looking after you for the day

Help with seasonal work: Seasonal job, take part in whatever seasonal activity is happening at that time, including rice planting, weaving thatch roofs, planting or harvesting vegetable crops, making box and rice basket etc. Each tour will be different and the activity will depend on the time of the year, the family and the needs of the local village. You will also help plant a fruit tree for your local family.

House Building: Most of the families in Cambodia are quite poor, they do not have any regular income, can’t even buy some food for their kids; however, the biggest trouble that the families facing is having no proper residence, this happens a lot to the family including, widows, single mothers, landmine victims, children orphaned as a result of AIDS, etc.

This activity is to provide an in depth and meaningful experience for foreigners visiting Cambodia and make the people aware of poverty and the issues involved - the causes of poverty, the results of poverty and solutions to poverty.

The concept was to provide a learning experience that taught the recent history of Cambodia and to combine this learning with a practical experience of the impact on many people here. This was to be done through building a small home for a family in our project.

Water Ablution or Blessing:  Water Blessing is to share some of Cambodia’s rich vibrant culture and take some wonderful memories and bring you safety back home. It is a sacred ritual performance or traditional celebration celebrates in Buddhist Monastery brings cleansing luck. This activity performed by a Buddhist monk. 

Some village labor and extra activities: Chicken and pic cage buildings, thatch roof making, house repairing, basket and floor mate makings, watching kids’ performance, English teaching activities.

Traditional Khmer Music:  Just indulge yourself in the traditional Khmer Musical instruments with local musicians in a local music theater. Simply put, both host and guests had a delightful time sharing and experiencing the connection between different cultures.

Performance and show: The unforgettable activities are cultural dance and show performed by young girls where they have been trained in the region since they were young, you will also watch martial arts ( Lboka Tor performed by young boys from the poor community. 

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