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Where to eat

There are pub, restaurants, entertainment centers and bars across the town. Pub street in the Old Market Area offering the exciting experience for dozens of travelers who are visiting Cambodia expecting carousing pub, bars, restaurants with European Asian and Khmer Foods. It opens from 24 hours daily, Adventurous Asia strongly recommend the happy spot to its clients to enjoy nightlights in the evening, it is quite say with 24 hours security guard. When enjoying the food at Pub Street, you incorporate your evening tour to the next door Shops at Night Market.

Siem Reap offers an amazing range of cuisines and dining venues. The emphasis is, of course, on Khmer food, which can be found at restaurants across town, but European and other Asian cuisines are also well represented, including Italian, Thai, German, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and, of course, French.

  Cambodian Restaurants ( Khmer, Asian and European Foods).

  + Siem Reap Restaurants

Angkor Village Apsara Theater and Show
 Amazon Angkor food and show
 Kulen Restaurant food and show
 Mondial Restaurant food and show
 Angkor Palm Restaurant
 Sugar Palm Restaurant
 Borei Sovann Restaurant
 Bopha Angkor Hotel and Restrant
 Buttler Flight Garden Food
 Chao Praya Restaurant and show
Café Indochine
Grand Café
 Angkor Café
Dead Fish Tower
 Continental Café
Khmer Kitchen
Chompei Restaurant

  French and Western Restaurants in Siem Reap

Alience Fafe
 La noria
 Le Alienttalist
Le Marlroux
 Mouhout Dream’s
Paris Sigon 
Lescal Angkor
Blue Pulmkin
 Madam Buttler Flight
Foreign Correspondent Club ( FCC)
 Common Ground

 + Restaurants in Phnom Penh

FCC Restaurant 
 Romdeng Restaurant
 Bopha Phnom Penh Restaurant
 Friends Restaurant
 Khmer Surin Restaurant
 The French Restaurant
 River Side  Restaurant

 Bougainvillea Restaurant and hotel


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