Hightlight Attracions

Angkor Conservation and Museum

While exploring the ruins of Angkor, look at of the Angkor Monuments the wall, many smiling Apsaras on the relief are looking at you in graceful gestures as if they wish to perform for you the unique cultural dances that brings your soul back to the time of the richest Khmer cultural achievement in Cambodia before Columbus found USA.

Art School and Work shop

You should not miss the opportunity to explore the next door Preah Khan which is just a short distance from Angkor Thom. You can imagine how Hinduism converted and ruined the fantastic Buddhist monument by chopping out the Buddha figures.

Wat Thmei and Killing Field Siem Reap

The tragic event of Cambodia is still in the mind of millions of people in Cambodia, the trauma is also affect human more terrified and scared that make every survivors show experience to the rest of the world.

Cultural Village

This popular attractive tourist spot is so interested by locals with kids and elders. Besides the war museum, it shows the various exhibitions of Angkor Art, temple construction, plus stone transport and lifting, carving and painting. One can imagine how they work.

Phnom Penh Attractions

Phnom Penh is Cambodia's capital found by lady Penh whose name was given to Phnom Penh city, located on the bank of four rivers Tole Sap, Basak, Up Mekong and Down Me Kong.

Choeung Ek Killing Field, Phnom Penh

For over three years from 1975-1979 under the control of Saloth Sar (Pol Pot), there were almost two million people died. The genocide left with 196 Prisons, 81 genocide memorials, 388 Killing Fields, 19653 Mass graves and Stupas were founded in Cambodia.

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