Siem Reap Street Food Adventures
We stroll around Siem Reap city and begin our street food tour at the best selected favorite location as smooth and comfortable as possible by Adventurous Asia experts.   
About The Tour and Atmosphere
We will offer a tour around Siem Reap market and visit local Street food Vendors on the street in local Cambodian style in the morning and afternoon to visit local market, restaurant and local village where you can experience local life in style. You will have a food tasting at prepared outdoor food stands in the open air space or indoor restaurant where majority of Cambodians are having their meal in the morning and late afternoon during the cool air and fun atmosphere. Our travelers will be guided by local English speaking guide who accompany them through the whole tour to help explain all of the Cambodian food on the tour. This tour you will have a great opportunity to learn more about Cambodian culture from a real local. The highlight of tour is to learn about food, culture and the life of local through fun and interesting conversation with our guides.
What Kind Of Foods During Our Street Food Tour?
You will experience our exotic delicious typical Cambodian cuisine, street food, and snacks taking in Cambodian breakfast staples like homemade fresh noodle with fish source and curry soup, fish or chicken flavored porridge (Bobor Krieung), a savory white plan rice porridge, and (glass and packed noodle), a local noodle soup kuy tiev, roasted and grilled chicken, fish and chicken soup, grilled beef and frog, stew chicken and beef Sate. Of course Cambodian food is NOT spicy.  You will also taste local dessert made of a special dried tree resin or herb with sweet coconut milk.
What Market And Where Will You Bring Us In The Morning?
Good morning Siem Reap Cambodia!!! The land of exotic treasures,
Morning tour is a great way to experience the Cambodian life and feel as local. One of the highlights of the tour is a visit to a French Old Quarter and traditional local market where you will have the opportunity to sample many different foods as well as make some truly unique purchases.  The “Taste of the Morning" tour is a great way to start your day with an amazing experience that you will never forget.
The morning, meet your local guide at 8,15am, you will have a friendly morning explanation about the morning tour and a demonstration of how to ride on the friendly local Tuk Tuk.
Next we will take you to the city center, stop at the Old French Quarter, explore the beautiful colonial buildings and the former city administration headquarters and the meeting place between locals and foreigners. Then explore central market (Old Market), one of the largest local markets in Siem Reap, this traditional market is a great way to understand the true food culture of Cambodia.  As you pass by the many vendors selling everything from live fish- vegetable and souvenir shop you will have the opportunity to sample many local produces, foods and fruits and also witness local people making their morning purchases. Your personal escorted tour guide will also assist you with any purchases you wish make ensuring you get the local price. Then, we stop at local food stands and restaurant for food tasting and coffee break, where you will enjoy local foods with a great atmosphere.
Last we will move on to a local restaurant where you will enjoy an amazing lunch consisting of traditional delicacies. Your guide will then return you to your hotel around 12:00 noon just in time for a mid-day siesta.
The morning tour is designed to provide you with an understanding of the daily lives of local people and is a great way to combine sightseeing, shopping, and some amazing coffee and foods.
The morning tour is designed to provide you with an understanding of the daily lives of local people and is a great way to combine sightseeing, shopping, and some amazing coffee and foods.
The Evening Program
This tour is a great way to explore Cambodian night life on Tuk Tuk and taste favorite foods that most local people love them.
At 6:00pm, your personal English speaking tour guide welcomes you at hotel or our office. You will then be given safety instructions ride on local Tuk Tuk, the
four wheel trailers, the most impressive evening city tour transportation.  
You will experience the nightlife of Siem Reap, the way locals do. Our tour will provide you the great experience; you will enjoy the foods and drinks at local restaurant or food shop, samplings at the Street 60, a great location for souvenirs, clothes and the most impressive Siem Reap food stands and best authentic local foods. After that, you will stop some places that are popular of local to see how Cambodian nightlife of young people. You will stop for dinner at local restaurant and drive through beautiful lit boulevards, the back alleys, and the busy pub streets of Old Quarter area before we drive you back to hotel around 9:30 pm
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