Archaeology and Educational Tours

The tours assigned by travel expert and educator who have been organizing the educational field trips for scholars like learners, teachers, lecturers, officials and administrators who emphasize the historical, anthropological and archaeological aspects of the areas visited. We offer a unique opportunity for tour participants to see and understand historically, historically important and culturally significant areas of the world.

We aim to educate as much in gaining life time goals through education to become real world developers, responsible people that may bring success to communities and knowledge for young for generations through learning cultural and historical truths. Knowledge is power for success in your job, career and life.

Our study tours are led by scholars who have been carefully selected for their scholarly excellence as well as their ability to communicate and their willingness to share the joy of discovery. They will be with you every step of the way, enhancing your experience with their insights and informal presentations.

Our lecturers are distinguished faculty from respected universities. We choose them not only for the breadth and depth of their knowledge, but also for their ability to fascinate their listeners, their passion for sharing what they know, and their sociability.

Our archaeology guides have studied with the greats among Cambodia’s top archaeologists and they have been experiencing in leading archaeology groups in the world famous UNESCO Angkor archaeological site in Cambodia for many years.  They will be with you every step of the way, let you know a specific era that you would like to learn.

Tours and activities Temples of Angkor

Angkor raised Cambodia’s reputation to the peak and well- known civilization in the world, as Europe has never had so impressive cultural products before and the temples have been erected before Christopher Columbus Found USA.

They are the soul and spirit of Cambodia and symbol kingdom, nation and national unity of the country and they are priceless sources that inspire Cambodian to be very proud. Found by the Khmer kings during the peak of Cultural Revolution and architectural achievement, prosperous age and stability of Cambodian politic just before the kingdom felt to turmoil and cultural collapse.  With in the positive guide line, high aspiration, ambition and devotion of the rulers, the magnificent temples of Angkor were built in the way they struggle in life time purpose and hope to make the country become golden aged era.

Angkor, the well- known cultural products of Cambodia which has been erected for thousands of year is absolutely the most impressive Cambodian Architectural Value and it is one of the globe’s most amazing historical sites that provide the great photo opportunities to visitors.

Siem Reap is best known as home to the magnificent monuments of Angkor, a sprawling World Heritage-listed complex of ancient temple ruins, setting in the northwest of Cambodia.

The provincial capital of Siem Reap is also an administrative centre of Cambodia, consisting of Old Colonial Buildings founded during the colonial era, still in a great charm of the orient. There also a transportation hub, with international flights, buses and taxi, from Vietnam, Thailand and Phnom Penh and speed boats from Phnom Penh and other provinces.

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