Why community & village tour?

This travel program is designed to promote the sustainable tourism, culture, arts, sanitation and public welfare and education in the region. And help people respect the environment, empower women and children for higher education.

Meeting the Locals is a Respectful and Meaningful Way

Adventurous Asia provides a wide range of fantastic community and village experiences ideal for both male and female, single traveler and group.  Any activities you prefer can offer a range of unique experiences within the Cambodian countryside.   Each of our activities works with the local community to ensure you have a meaningful experience and learn more about real life of locals.

Adventurous Asia designs the village and community tours to help the travelers get very close to the real and typical indigenous life. As a part of NON-Profit Organization that helps support the local communities Adventurous Asia has plenty of activities that tailor to the needs of the travelers, every village activity supports the poor communities where the most of tour operators and travelers were not involved. All means thought and effort has gone in to working with the communities.  When you walk and talk there will be dozen of kids and hundreds of families in the village will be welcome and greet you in positive and graceful ways.  Today tours give you the opportunity to learn about typical and real life in the community, meeting and interacting with locals in a respectful and meaningful way.  Photo opportunities abound. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about real life in Cambodia.

 Here we have most common activities you might be interested

 Water Ablution or Blessing. Water Blessing is to share some of Cambodia’s rich vibrant culture and take some wonderful memories and bring you safety back home. It is a sacred ritual performance or traditional celebration celebrates in Buddhist Monastery brings cleansing luck. This activity performs by a Buddhist monk.

Cooking Class

 The village tour is a great to see and learn about real life of locals, every village household has own garden and vegetable farm and herbs, they raised chicken, duck and pig for food as those serve as daily meat in the country side.

Cooking class and having food with local are amazing way to learn about the Khmer culture. First you learn about food preparation in a Khmer home. Then learn about the typical ingredients in Cambodian cooking and have the opportunity to see Cambodian cooking first hand. This time you will be wandering around the village home and pick up some vegetables and herbs for cooking while the household prepares some meat for you.

House Building

Most of the families in Cambodia are quite poor, they do not have any regular income, can’t even buy some food for their kids; however, the biggest trouble that the families facing is having no proper residence, this happens a lot to the family including, widows, single mothers, landmine victims, children orphaned as a result of AIDS, etc.

This activity is to provide an in depth and meaningful experience for foreigners visiting Cambodia and make the people aware of poverty and the issues involved - the causes of poverty, the results of poverty and solutions to poverty.

The concept was to provide a learning experience that taught the recent history of Cambodia and to combine this learning with a practical experience of the impact on many people here. This was to be done through building a small home for a family in our project.

Other activities you might be interested.

Visiting the village is an opportunity not to be missed, “visit the village see the real life, taste the food experience real culture” Spend some time with the family and escorted cultural guide on your foot help the family with rice planting, harvesting, rice nursery plowing, backyard gardening, crop plant preparing, fishing in the village pond ‘’seasonal activities”, chicken and pic cage buildings, thatch roof making, house repairing and building, basket and floor mate makings, watching kids performance, English teaching, taking oxen and buffalo cart rides through the village etc…. 

 What arrangements will Adventurous Asia Cambodia make for you for this activity?

Arrange the transportation, bus or vans or Tuk Tuk depend on group size, location and own request. Bring pack lunch or cooked lunch in the village by the

. Bring the drinking water to the building site

. Provide water to cool down ("Water break")

. Provide a safe area to store bags etc. at the building site.

. Provide first aid- kids for the team.

Adventurous Asia helps to support the local community and economy in many ways, from organizing tourist visits to local art schools, orphanages and workshops of disabled people to providing funds & school materials for students. We also support local community projects and restaurants in various ways and have programs for providing bikes to students and clean water to poor village people etc.....

All of these incentives aim to use the benefits of tourism to help offset the negative impacts on society and humanitarian projects.

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