Why Homestay?

Homestays are for the naturally curious, intellectual adventurers with a bit of grit in their souls. The Adventurous Asia Homestay Program gives the visitors, students, learners and members of the community an opportunity to know more about other people and learn their cultures. This Homestay program, you will be learning about lifestyle and tradition of local and  broadening your own cultural experiences, sharing back your traditions and lifestyle while eating local food, learning comment Khmer words, meeting interesting people, doing some activities and absorbing new environment.

We expected to provide you with a safe environment, a private room, meals and transportation to homestay to places to explore.

Cambodia is a rich and proud of its historical sites, museum, friendly people, and ethnic heritage. The people have a warm greeting to meet new foreigners, making new friends and welcoming guests into their homes. When staying with a family, guests may live the life as the local people do, and are treated like part of the family. Most often, this includes staying in a wooden house, dining on local dishes prepared by the hosts, and eating with way.

The local activities that the visitors involved range from cooking classes — a great way to take the local cuisine — through to attending a traditional wedding, watching a local cultural dance, or participating in a Cambodia martial arts program (seasonal). All of these are part of the developing Cambodia Homestay Program and key factors that distinguish it from the more simple bed and breakfast type of accommodation.  For those who  want to experience the Cambodian life; the Adventurous Asia organizes the homestay with a local village house with and without the family just for you with a nice, clean and tidy traditional Cambodian house in the village of Preah Dak  which is not far from the fantastic temples of Angkor or Samboure Village very close to the Elma School where you will see the charity work in action . During your homestay you will have your own private room in the family’s house, and enjoy a Cambodian breakfast every morning and the rest of the nights you can stay in the hotels or guest house as normal.

Your stay will be safe, comfortable, and enjoyable and much more than what you are looking forward to, and tours can be arranged as a stand-alone for 2 days / 1night, or 3 days / 2 nights or even more depending on your interest and duration. The homestay Tours is also combined with Angkor Tours, historical sites tours, and other interesting activities according to your request.  You may like to extend your cultural experience of Cambodia.

 We can also provide a take away breakfast, lunch, dinner packs from the hotel if you do not want to eat food that cooked at home with the family. Please speak to your tour our travel expert for a menu.

Frequent Questions Asked


From the late March to May are hot, the late May the rain starts but not quite heavy.  In June the rainy season begins the evenings are cooler and the cloudy days as well.  It's definitely cooler than dry season, you are infinite joyful and you have to wear seasonal dress properly. The bloody rain drops once every three days. This means that you need to bring some sandals with you-ones that have a strap around the ankle. Sunscreen would be very useful. If you're in-country, pick up one of those cheap plastic raincoats they are available in Cambodia, they won't protect the lower half of your body, but they'll keep your head and backpack dry. You have to buy your travel insurance and speak to your medical doctor before you travel to Cambodia.

Besides the tour bus and car, there are more accesses to the people on the bike and walking tour, Tuk Tuk, Oxen Cart, Motor Trailer and Horse Cart. These transportations are very familiar to people using them every day.

The program will promote the environment, public health care and education in the region. 

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