The temple Micro light flight is one of the most impressive and unique activities when  in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Discover the temples of Angkor and many attractions from bird’s eye view on a micro light. The Siem Reap’s popular micro light  is now available, the shortest trip is 15-20 minutes and the longest lasts one hour. The smallest journey flies to the Roulos Group,  the ancient capital of the Khmer containing three ruins, Bakong, Lolei and Preahko temple’’ must see from the air’’ and the flight does a circle round thereby 1500 feet high and other trips take in Phnom Krom, , Banteay Samre and finishing up with Pre Rup. Once again it is also able to cruise over Tonlé Sap and the floating villages, Kampong Phluk.                   

- Red Route – Roluso Group (20 Minutes): Fly over the Cambodian countryside and around The Roluos Group of Temples including the magnificent Bakong dating from the late 9th Century and the first significant Temple-Mountain pre-dating Angkor Wat by at least two centuries.

- Yellow Route – Tonle Sap Lake (20 Minutes): Approx 20 minutes and ideal for enjoying the beauty of real Cambodia including a unique floating village on Tonle-Sap Lake together with the mountain temple of Phnom Krom before following the winding Siem Reap river back towards the town.

Optional: Beng Mealea temple visit (half day): After breakfast, you will head out to the beautiful Cambodian countryside, as you will drive to the quiet Beng Mealea, around 65 km from Siem Reap. Feel like an explorer when you discover the completely overgrown temple. Undiscovered for centuries, Beng Mealea has only recently been made accessible and remains unrestored. It is one of the very few temples that actually give the opportunity to climb through it. After your adventurous exploration, return to your hotel in central Siem Reap.

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