***** Cambodia Journey - Angkor  Cycling Adventures

Regardless of your level of fitness, biking is a fun and enjoyable activity when visiting Cambodia's many atmospheric and scenic spots, especially around Angkor Park.

If you take the opportunity to cycle around Angkor Park (including Angkor Wat), the road is well paved, flat and easy going allowing you to travel at your own pace and to take breaks or explore the temples and ruins, as you please.

As well as the exercise, you may encounter other unique experiences as you visit isolated locations and rarely visited outlying villages which are normally hard to explore on your own. In fact, travelling by cycle allows you the time to stop and talk with local people, with the help of you expert translator and tour guide and to also take pictures of their ancient lifestyle. You will certainly encounter many smiling Cambodians who will welcome you with honest and heart felt pleasure.

You may consider cycling to be a good form of exercise, but because many Cambodians are poor and can’t afford to buy motorbikes or cars, bicycles are the next most convenient form of transport. You will certainly encounter many village students who cycle a very long way to distant schools. This has been the way of the student for many years.

Many Bike Tour Destinations

1. Bike to the amazing temples of Angkor 37km

Keeping the Angkor monuments in your heart, they are the soul of Khmer which were found during the golden age of Cambodia from the 9th to 13th centuries. Cycle on the country side back roads with the useful bike and a local cultural guide who speaks your language to explore the monuments, learn about architecture and experience the culture of the Khmer. When you get in the park you will begin your tour the magnificent temple Angkor Wat, one of the seven wonders, then continue to excurse the fortified city Angkor Thom taking in the Bayon temple and the jewel in the jungle, Tomb Raider temple Ta Prohm. You will enjoy our snack with the soft drinks.

2. Biking Rolous Group and Kompong Pluk 27km

This is a great adventure tour to the trails and back roads through the villages and explore real open spaces of rice fields and you will enjoy the lush green nature of Cambodia. This tour is amazing for someone who wants to connect with the real Cambodia life; the ride through the dirt roads you will stop to have a chat and have photo taken with locals. Getting to the Rolous group you start you tour to the Pre - Angkorian temple Preah Ko for short visit and connect your tour to an old temple mountain Bakong before heading to Lolei temple on the way back. In the same morning you will have a hop on the ox cart dire through the village and stop by the primary school before getting on the car. The next journey you will be transferred by car to an amazing floating village of Kompong Plok  where you will explore the fabulous typical stilted houses set just by the ancient canal of Angkor on the shore of Tonle Sap lake.

3. Cycling Rolous Group and Chao Srey Vibol temple 25km

Biking around the temples and country side in Cambodia is a unique experience you can make. Here you will be cycling on the different unwell- paved back road to Rolous Group and another quiet back roads, paddy fields and palm trees to Chao Srey Vibol. A special ride through the villages makes you a wonderful insider cultural experience when you look to areal Cambodian life and people give you a gentle smile, waving hand and saying hello too, the kids will give you a warm greetings and beautiful smile. You will stop along the way for snack and cool down for arriving at Rlous Group, then visit three temples Preah Ko, Bakongand Loei temples and lunch at Rolous Group and keep riding to Cho Srey  Vibol, snack along the way.

4. Bike to the  Banteay Sreay temple and Kbal Spean 49km

Cycle on a classic cycling route through thirty kilometers northeastern countryside of Siem Reap, this great full day of activity you will enjoy seeing beautiful nature such as palm tree, rice field, and ethnic village where  people still use an old Cambodian accent. You reach Banteay Srei temple and enjoy Adventurous Asia snack and soft drinks. Then spend 40mn tour in Banteay Srei before heading out by car or bus to Kbal Spean. Picnic lunch at Kbal Spean resort. You will be transferred by car or bus back to Siem Reap for you overnight stay.

5. Biking to Beng Mealea, off the Beaten Track 67km

Your adventure begins from Siem Reap early morning, cycling on the back roads past the thatched huts where tradition still prevails. You will visit isolated villages just found amongst paddy fields and stilted houses on the land that remains peacefully deeply in the Buddhism and Animism, the belief that every thing alive, you will enjoy the breathe taking view of  rain forest, see the beautiful nature of Cambodia and learn the real life of the Khmer people.

In this lovely trip that you will learn more of Cambodia's rich Khmer empire heritage and see Cambodian magical - traditional medicine for healing the patients. Reaching the 12 centuries Hindu ruin, Beng Mealea, one of the most impressive best known ruins in Asia. This less visited ruin and moss covered, and the temple itself is still over grown by stranger fig trees left over as it was rediscovered is a wonderful place for picnic lunch in the shade before this magical journey back by car or bus to Siem Reap for the overnight stay.

6. Cycling to Tonle Sap lake on the dirt road 25km

Leaving the French influence colonial city Siem Reap in the morning, you are escorted by a local expert guide cycling southwest deep in to the fascinating villages and monasteries set among the rice paddies of Siem Reap.

Cycling tours through the villages is a great way to get off the beaten track and down the small paths away from the tourist routes to experience the daily life of the people besides the main ruins of Angkor before arriving at the floating village of Tonle Sap.

Here you will stop at Elma School, a UK based charity foundation found in southwest of Siem Reap providing class rooms, teaching English to poor children in Cambodia. You will spend just a short time to see class activities and student work in action. The school representative will give you a short brief about Elma before continuing by bike to Tonle Sap Lake. You will have snack before riding through hidden paths to visit Tonle Sap lake. Embark on our tour boat trip to discover Tonle Sap,  the largest great lake in the world and there consists most famous floating villages. Get back to Siem Reap by bike or by car.

7. Cycling to the real country side of Cambodia 35km

This is a great activity to do, the way get on very quiet back roads, palm trees, paddy fields that you will not see tourists. You will also spend more time to stop in the villages to talk to people and also stop at schools and orphanages. We strongly recommend you to see Elma charity school in the village that you visit. You will learn more about Cambodian education, rural life of Cambodian children and family structures and living style. Moreover you will stop at the monastery to meet the monks and learn about life of Buddhist and Buddhism and see the old building in Cambodia.

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