Let us take you for a walk/hike through the beautiful forest and nature of Cambodia, and also to visit the rural villages to meet the people.
Cambodia has a colorful history, with the recent time of peace bringing rediscovery of some species of animals that were previously thought to be extinct. But, after years of war, the forests are still being destroyed, as Cambodians are still not able to protect the forest. If there is any place that has a most serious need for preservation and protection right now, surely it is the forests and nature of Cambodia.  

 Our trekking programs are designed to help promote awareness of exercise, respect of the environment, preservation of the forests of Cambodia and support of community based regional environmental centers. We also take every opportunity to empower and educate the local people groups, through environmental education in local communities, showing them how to be able to protect and preserve both local culture and tradition, as well as the surrounding local environment.

Trekking in Angkor complex: After breakfast, start your walking on the back road toward West Entrance of Angkor Thom city, visit the famous gate with gigantic faces on the tower and climb up on the wall to have a closer look at those faces, from here is the most relaxing way to appreciate this wonder of the world. It is a very special trip to walk almost

30 km from temple to temple and you feel more relaxing in very slow way to explore the world famous temple in-style. 

From here you will walk strait to huge building Bayon within the beautiful smiling faces, the monument become visitors' photos spots, then visit Terrace of the Elephants and terrace of Leper King) and walk another km to Ta Prohm. Ta Prohm is fabulous ruin with for its massive overgrown fig trees that make the monument became so well- known to be chosen to film Tomb Raider. Visit the largest religious structure in the world Angkor Wat.

Trekking Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is a natural sandstone bridge

 and river where the water pouring down from the up stream to the plan bellow. The site has many small spots river bed statues of Shiva Linga, known as Phallic Symbol of Shiva. The carvings end in a small but pretty waterfall that apparently was once used as a ritual bathing spot by the king. On the way up to the peak of natural hill you will stop to see beautiful view from various viewpoints. You trek on the shady dirt path with two climbing rocky stone steps that make you feel very hard to get through. Walking takes about 1hr, by 1.5km distance, along the shady way to the natural river bed carved sandstone and water fall you will enjoy with beautiful nature and absorb surrounding spectacular views.

Phnom Kulen water fall

Phnom Kulen is truly amazing complex to make anyone who loves nature, religion and history. It is a unique temple is covered in jungle and the crowds are not to be seen. Within the 27km trail leads you pass many local villages and tourism attractions. One of the main attractions you will explore is waterfall on top of the mountain where you can have a cool bath and refreshing after your trek up. 

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