Cambodian people have used the horse and cart for many purposes since before the pre Angkorian period up to present day. The horse and cart was even used to transport stone during the construction of the temples.

Other past and present uses, for the horse and cart, include transporting merchandise, military processions and for every day transport and farming needs. Now it is your turn! We can organize, for you, a ride on a horse and cart. You will experience just what the locals do when they use this means of transport, every day, to travel and to transport goods.

The minimum horse cart rides start from 2pax.

Adventurous Asia horse cart ride is a traditional cart through rural areas, monasteries, palm trees, paddy fields, traditional villages and monuments of Siem Reap Angkor. The very unique horse cart tour is a ride to the great lake Tonle Sap through Wat Athwea temple. You experience the real life of Cambodian people.

The villages and country side tour

Getting on the back road of Siem Reap through the villages of Siem Reap on the horse back or horse cart. The ride reveals yourselves to understand the real Cambodian past, the Angkor history of ancient culture and real life of people, our guide will accompany and give you all the details about the ride and history of the region and life in the country side. The trip you will have great opportunity to see lots of Cambodian farmers, traditional villages along the way.

The temple tours for 2 hours  

The trip will be passing through local villages to see the different life of Cambodians, you will be able to stop in the village and have some fresh coconut juice with the family. You will also stop at Wat Atvea temple and monastery to see the monks and you will have a private blessing celebration from Buddhist monks for good luck on your journey to Cambodia and an experience one in the life time. Our knowledgeable tour guide you tell you the information about the rich culture of Cambodia

Wat Chetdei temple Trail and Country side tours (for 3 hours)

This ride you will Immerse yourelves to experience an unique country side and real life of Cambodia. Start your ride to the south west of Siem Reap for almost 10k through the rice fields and villages and see the real Siem Reap Angkor before you arrive at Wat Chetdei. You will  visit Wat Chedei temple, a pre Angkian temple was built in 8th century, our tour guide will tell you the details of temple and the life in the village. You will have a short break after driving through the off beaten track area to Siem Reap. 

A haf day ride 4hours

For a long ride through villages with Adventurous Asia tour guide, you will get to know how the people live, understand the social and cultural life of Cambodian in the countryside. The ride through the local villages where you can observe local farmers working in action and craftsmen doing some community Craft work for selling. You will have an opportunity to stop in the village to explore the local flee markets and see how the people cook, understand the family style ( extended family form)  get a chance to visit local schools and get in touch with teachers and students to understand deeply a bout the rural Cambodian education 


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