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Cambodia Highlights

Adventurous Asia offers our unique travel experiences around Cambodia. Our experts will show you Cambodia highlights and the unforgettable favorite spots you look forward to exploring. We include the temples of Angkor, Museums, and Art Galleries with Local culture and rarely visited tourism sites.


 Unforgettable!  One of the Seven Wonders of the World Angkor Wat; this immense 12 the century Hindu temple is the most expansive example of the Khmer architecture. Set in 200 hectares almots five hundred acres, and surround by a moat, the beautiful monument complex is ‘must see’ for any visitor to Cambodia. You will not be disappointed and our expert guides will explain you the history in details.  
The entire sandstone structure is exquisitely covered and is dominated by five gigantic peaks on the third level. They are pineapple shaped with lotus buds at the top. The total Angkor Wat experience is one of emotional appeal to the senses; one you will never forget   !

BAYON ( awesome temple)
Located in the heart of Angkor Thom city, the huge temple of Bayon consists of more than 200 carved stone faces looking out four directions and showing different expressions. The faces represent the emotional turmoil during and after the Cham war. The carvings depict the king’s concern for country politics, economies and education.  The rough smiling faces are full of sorrow and concern. The gentle smiling faces show the promising future and peace by the founder in the ancient Khmer history.

Ta Prohm ( jewel in the jungle)

Ta Prohm is the jewel in the jungle in the heart of Angkor complex. Built in late 12th century, it is the most inspiring Khmer empire Buddhist monastery and university of which served as a school of sociology, culture and art, language and royal academy. Overgrown with gigantic strangler fig trees, nature swallows the cultural product that expects to make every one feel amazed.
 You will want to explore the indoor jungle of this monument at least once in your life time.

Preah Khan Temple, School of Arts
You should not miss the opportunity to explore the next door Preah Khan which is just a short distance from Angkor Thom. You can imagine how Hinduism converted and ruined the fantastic Buddhist monument by chopping out the Buddha figures. 
The complex of Prah Khan was the contemporary royal academy base of Angkor Thom. After the land slide victory over the Cham, Preah Khan was converted to a Buddhist University for more than the population of Ta Prohm. The city is now being restored by the World Monument Fund based in New York City. 

Banteay Srei Jewel of Khmer Art

Approximately 30 miles away of Siem Reap, this 10th century pink colored sandstone ruin gives a unique impression to foreign and national visitors with the living cultural art such as attractive Apsara statues and  well carved and preserved bas- relief of an awe- inspiring workmanship of Cambodian craft men. The monument is a unique inspiration to all visitors to enrich their mind. This is one of the most popular sites among the Khmer temples and is a jewel of the Khmer art.


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