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Cambodia is well known for having been a country of terror, atrocity and war. During the Khmer Rouge's reign, the educated people were assassinated in large numbers and most public buildings, schools and universities were destroyed or turned into prisons and killing fields as the Pol Pot's government sought to turn Cambodia into a communist agrarian society according to Mao’s political guidelines, by killing his own people who were consider not to be "pure."

The country is still dealing with the aftermath of this horrible warfare, and illiteracy and poverty are still very prominent and continue to cause harm to the country and its people.

Illiteracy and poverty are huge concerns for the Cambodian government and examples of both are surprisingly easy to find, even in the bigger cities. Just walking the streets and talking to people will show that the number of homeless, illiterate and orphans accounts for a noticeably large proportion of the population. Even the second and third generations of survivors are still struggling to survive, many struggling to continue their education even into their twenties and thirties, being forced to first look for suitable places to live and work.

Everyday, everywhere, the innocent are looking for opportunity to just make a living, if the opportunity is given, but still, many many people continue to live far below the poverty line and can only dream of receiving an education.

The Adventurous Asia Foundation

Adventurous Asia Tours is committed to doing all they can to meet many of these needs and to support local communities and charitable organizations. For this reason, in association with some UK and US citizens, we have established The Adventurous Asia Foundation; a non-political, non-religious charity working to support education projects to reduce illiteracy & poverty and to help increase educational levels and build up the economic opportunities throughout Cambodia.

The Adventurous Asia Foundation is delighted to serve the Cambodian people, using Adventurous Asia's travel services as a resource to help sponsor its activities in many social areas. It is our desire to provide as many opportunities as we can for Cambodian people stuck in poverty and also for the many orphan children of Siem Reap. As we become aware of new social concerns, our goal remains to focus resources and attention on solving these problems.

Having seen many Cambodians, who have lived through difficult situations, with poverty, illiteracy, crime, poor health care and basic lack of food, our team strives to resolve these problems by providing what people need.

One of our core driving forces, in our humanitarian work, is our belief in the potential of youth. We strive to fulfill our role and responsibility, as global citizens, by making contributions towards ending poverty and inequality in this world, beginning first in our local communities. We are enthusiastic about helping improve educational opportunities, and so we take every opportunity to make positive changes towards a better future. Truly, education is an effective weapon against poverty!

Our Activities

In no particular order, some of the areas that we are involved in include:

The establishment of educational programs, in English and Khmer languages, for Cambodian people whose families are too poor to afford school tuition.

Projects to improve sanitation and to teach hygiene, safety and morality, seeking to help people avoid common diseases and activities that harm people and society.

Provision of clean water sources.
Providing bicycles to poor village students.
Primary health care services.
Helping to support teacher salaries.
Programs offering sufficient food for the hungry.

Programs to provide ideas and solutions so that people can better solve their own problems. Locating children from isolated villages around Siem Reap who are currently not attending school and providing them with uniforms, shoes, bikes and school supplies so that they can attend school. We attempt to make school a more rewarding experience by getting children there at a younger age, keeping them there longer and seeing that they learn worthwhile things.


Our programs also establish a sense of good will, among the young people in the community, towards parents, our organization and their society, bringing positive change to the coun

try and providing many benefits to young people through our programs.

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