Adventurous Asia School for English

Vey, the founder of Adventurous Asia Tours and The Adventurous Asia Foundation, also works for the London based, UK Foundation, ELMA, together working to establish schools for the poor, for the purpose of providing English language lessons, school materials and morality & health lessons for the poor, homeless children and vulnerable people whose families cannot afford to pay for education. 

Working together, they have founded their first school in Sambour Village which is located about five kilometers from Siem Reap. The ELMA Foundation built the school which offers English language lessons, school materials and morality & health lessons for the poor, homeless and vulnerable.

The foundation, its handful of teachers, and Vey as principal, provide these local people with an excellent and unique opportunity tailored to the needs of the people. In a country where more than half of the population is illiterate and living in or near poverty, the opportunity this school provides towards education and a brighter future is truly invaluable.

The school has three simple classrooms and 5-6 part time teachers. The teachers are very committed to their role as developers of the next generation and take the school's commitment, to encourage morality and build outstanding members of society, very seriously. Classes are typically just a couple of hours in the early morning, late morning or the afternoon. Since most all Cambodian children, who are able to attend regular Cambodian schools, can only afford to attend mornings or afternoons (the Cambodian schooling system treats this as the norm), this flexibility allows such students to make use of the services the ELMA school offers without missing classes at their regular school.

A set curriculum is followed, with children being assigned to class according to their current level of expertise in English. 

The school exists and continues to run by donations of money and resources, and the school has much respect and gratitude towards those who have helped and continue to help. Mr Vey is very proud of the school's library which only exists due to the extraordinary support and good will of a few well remembered supporters. There is always opportunity to help out at this school, whether as a short or long term teacher or as a provider of much needed resources and funds. You are even more than welcome to come out for a short 30 minute visit as these young British ladies recently did.



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