The Adventurous Asia's"Teachers Fund"
Adventurous Asia recognizes that, in Cambodia, an effective way of preventing students from dropping out of school is to support their teachers financially.
It is clear that enthusiastic support of teachers can build up their desire to be involved more deeply in education and to seek to inspire students to attend the classes regularly.

Teachers in the rural communities, particularly, typically earn less than $100 per month, depending on their education and experience. This often leads to teachers needing to work other jobs or even to charge students additional fees. This need for teachers to work additional jobs leads to teacher absences, illnesses and general weariness, causing education in Cambodia to collapse further.

The Adventurous Asia Foundation is currently able to support teacher salaries and school materials, to a monthly value of $575, in one school in the village of Sombour of the Siem Reap province. We desperately need to see more dramatic improvement in the quality of education for children, and can clearly see the benefits already in this one school alone. The school has become an attractive workplace and the teachers are now fully engaged in teaching and have become appreciative and interested in education with an enthusiastic willingness that shows in the accomplishments of the children.
Our goal, for the next stage of this program, requires us to raise funds of more than $1,000 per month, allowing us to see more of the benefits we have already witnessed from this program. 
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