The Adventurous Asia's "Bicycles Fund"

The Adventurous Asia Foundation's "Bicycles For The People"

Vey, the founder of the Adventurous Asia tour company and foundation and survivor of the brutal Khmer Rouge, believes in the spirit of cycling.
When he isn't working as a tour guide, he spends his time helping the poor children at the ELMA Foundation school in Sambour Village, including distributing bicycles.
The Challenge

Without adequate transport, many children in Cambodia live too far from school to be able to attend, growing up to become more of the uneducated villagers missing a real shot at an improved future. Children, living in the country, often walk several kilometers to get to primary school and when they move on to secondary school, they must often travel even greater distances. There is usually only one primary school per village and typically only one secondary school per commune, often involving a walk of at least 6 to 7 kilometers each way. Bikes are therefore a very important requirement towards reducing the dropout rate in Cambodia.

The Solution and Making Contributions

Bicycles, donated by The Adventurous Asia Foundation, are often the only transportation available to the children, and may even be the only transport for the whole family.

Each bicycle costs $50, allowing a child, who lives too far from school, to be able to attend. Our vision is that, all together, we can help great numbers of children have an improved chance at life by receiving, today, an easier option towards education and building their own future.

In exchange for your $50 contribution you will receive the name and photo of the ecstatic child, that you have helped, with their new bicycle.

The Process

As we obtain recommendations of potential beneficiaries from parents, local communities, schools and village associations, we need to then visit the family homes to assess the degree of need of each family and student.

From meeting the family, our team is able to ascertain the actual distances involved, road conditions, as well as come to an understanding of the degree of motivation within each family with regard to sending their children to school, and also their willingness to support their children in pursuing education into the secondary and tertiary levels. During teacher interviews, the motivation of the children to learn is also taken into account.
Home visits have not only enabled us to screen students who are really in need of bicycles, but has also provided us with actual experience of what it is like to walk for hours along muddy paths, in the 40 degree (celcius) heat, in order to reach the school.
Not only can we see the obvious value and benefit of this bicycle program, but we have also encountered much strong determination, among these students, to learn and to work towards escaping the poverty cycle that their parents are trapped in.

When meeting with the villagers and elders, the importance of education is once again emphasized by The Adventurous Asia Foundation, stressing that bicycles are given only to students whose families show high motivation in sending their children to school and in continuing to encourage them towards consistent attendance and continued education on into university.

This bicycle program is always met with most genuine appreciation from all recipients, showing the true value of the program. 

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