We are enthusiastic about providing you the most memorable and romantic Cambodian honeymoon experience.
We will make your dream holidays truly romantic, memorable and the amazing moments of your life.
Let us take you to the quietest, coolest, most peaceful locations, to give you a stress free relaxing time together.
We will take you to the Angkor ruins (including Angkor Wat), traditional villages, monasteries and 
any other places that might interest you. We will also give you plenty of time to relax and be together.
We can offer you what ever activities ou desire for your honeymoon. These include such things as various recreation and entertainment, exciting shows and museums.
We can even show you thes best places to take a stroll, such as
Walking along the Angkor Thom city wall and through the off beaten trek ancient ruins of Angkor
  • Taking a hot air balloon for catching  the panoramic view of Angkor ruins, beautiful landscape of  Siem Reap and the huge man made water reservior of Angkor, Westen Baray 
  • Optional breakfast and catering at histircal site of Angkor
  • Taking an elephant ride on the hiltop temple Phnom Bakheng, enjoy a ride a bout 25mn from the South Gate of Angkor Thom with the distanceof one killomter and a haft, or riding around the Bayon temple, a lagargest state monument with its location just in the heart of Angkor Thom city
  • Visiting  the monastery for a private monk blessing for good luck and a safe journey back home
  • Private dinner at the private house in the famaly style in the village with the host
  • Soft adventure with Tuk Tuk for a private excursion at dawn. 
  • Having an expert guide who makes your true and holiday meaningful with a safe jouney to the less visited sites. 
  • Sellecting nice and cool spots at each atttraction for photo. 
  • Relaxing on ancient boat, watching sunset on the corner of Angkor Thom city wall and njoying a glass of champagne at the same time.
  • Riding the ox cart in the village that many Cambodian villagers live and work in the rural areas. The countryside oxen cart tours focus on the trip to an isolated village to have glimpse of real Cambodia rice fields, water buffalos and cows, countryside pagodas and little villages filled with traditional stilted houses, activities of Cambodian farmers.
  • Enjoying the cruise boat on the largest fresh water  lake Tonle Sap, seeing the living standard, catching glimpses of the fresh water fish, meeting  the villagers who make their life on the water
 You may have to sacrifice an eary morning, to explore the Angkor Wat ruins at dawn, to catch the spectacular Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom or Ta Prohm sunrise. We assure you that it is well worth the effort.
 We know all of the hotels, the available facilities and which locations are the most convenient. Just tell us your requirements and we will organize the best possible deal.
 Enjoy your honeymoon with us in a slow paced romantic style and be prepared to have the time 
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