Traveling by MOTOR TRAILER –TUK TUK is a very convenient, easy and pleasant way to explore many of Cambodia's sites of interest.  Many report that taking a Tuk-Tuk is a highlight of any Cambodian trip and a unique way to travel in the fresh air, taking the most of the spectacular views and attractions of Cambodia.

The Adventurous Asia Tuk Tuk drivers and guides know all the major destinations, like the back of their hands, and will look after your schedule, getting you to your destinations, and back again, on time.

The trips to the fabulous ruins of Angkor, the countryside of Cambodia for a short distance can also be arranged for you to get away from the crowds for a while.

Exploring one of the seven wonders of the world by Tuk Tuk is a unique experience, you set your individual visit in personal style. Our Adventurous Asia Tuk Tuk drivers and tour guides khow how to make the schedule at different times where the tour coach parties are not showing up. It’s a matter of knowing your requirement; our guides will work on the flexibility.

We only use safe and comfortable transport to give you a relaxing and atmospheric journey, even on local unsealed roads.

Whether you are planning a trip to Cambodia, or are already here and wanting to plan a quality excursion for the day, speak to our travel professionals, so that they can plan your outing according to your desires and interests.

The first Tuk Tuk tour to Angkor Wat and around town 

Breakfast in the hotel and get on the Adventurous Asia Tuk Tuk to the best known and most famous photographed spot in Southeast Asia. It has the greatest amount found during the golden age of the Khmer Empire when its architecture reached on its peak, and just before the Christopher Columbus founded United State of America, and the monument is also known as the largest religious construction ever never made in the world, larger even than the Vatican.

The proportion occupies some 185 hactas (450 acres) and it is surrounded by a huge moat 250 m (665 feet) wide. The enclosing wall of Angkor Wat is 5.5 km (3.5 miles) in length.

The Tuk Tuk of Adventurous Asia will take you to explore the site of Angkor deeply by entering from the back of the monument and waiting by the side to make very convenient tour to avoid the crowd, you won't  feel boarding. This trip is excellent for Adventurous Asia tourists who get rid tour group in Angkor Wat.

Tuk Tuk Ride to Angkor Thom and Ta Prom

Our Tuk Tuk Adventure will approch the Angkor Thom city from any entrance which others group could not make it. The first stop will be at the South Gate of Angkor Thom, second will be east gate and finally the west gate before you visit the famous Bayon temple.

Built by the king Jayavaraman VII (1181-1220), Bayon was the state ruin of the king, it is located within the heart of Angkor Thom, once the center of a city with a population of about one million, at a time. Why Angkor Thom is a famous city because it was erected when London was nothing more than a large town. Bayon is amazing for its 216 giant faces carved into 54 towers that survey the world in all directions. The temple consists of three levels and you can work your way up through a tangle of galleries to the top.

Ta Prohm, a famous Buddhist university was built by the king Jayavaraman VII for his mother, the temple has been left intertwined with the jungle to give a sense of what it was like when found by the French naturalists.

Tuk Tuk tour to The Countryside

Beside the ride to the world famous park of Angkor, we organize the Tuk Tuk to the countryside for a village activities. We will also stop at Elma School for children of Siem Reap. Elma is a British charity based foundation with its head office in Lodon helping Cambodian children in Sambour Village in Southwest of Siem Reap area. By the same time you will continue to visit the many villages in Sombour Commune to learn the life of Cambodian villagers.

Tuk Tuk to Tonle Sap lake

After breakfast in the hotel, you take our Tuk Tuk ride accompanied by our English speaking guide to visit Tole Sap lake; not only the ruins of Angkor and attractions, our tour guides have a good understanding of contemporary Cambodian life and clearly a bout Cambodia national geography including Tole Sap.

The trip on Tuk Tuk will take around thirty minutes on the dirt road from Old market area, you will see more palm trees, water buffalos and cows, duck and other home raced animals owned by the villagers.

Tuk Tuk at Home Stay

 At our home stay we want to encourage cultural exchange, as you will taste delicious Cambodian cuisines, visit traditional dance and cultural performance that relate to the animistic believe of Cambodia since many years. The Tuk Tuk rides are easy way to reach every village that you will experience the Asian's life and there will be having the benefits of interacting with the global community where you see.

Tuk Tuk to home stay is the perfect and comfortable way to do, the back roads and alley in Cambodia are not good enough to go by car, so Tuk Tuk is the one can fit with the road condition. Soon after you reach the village homestay you will meet a host family. You will not only stay in a comfortable, friendly home but will also experience new things that you cannot earn from hotels and home.

Whether you’re a student, traveler, intern or just visiting for work, Tuk Tuk to home stay is truly experience your destination, unlike the tour bus, Tuk Tuk can be able to set in individual ride for independent travelers. 

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