For a novel and unique experience, giving you many stories to tell your friends and family about, we recommend an ox and cart trip.

The ox and cart has been a very common form of transport, for the Cambodian people, for many centuries. It is useful for serving many purposes, from family transportation to farming activities.

Taking a trip, on a cart drawn by oxen, is an affordable and safe adventure, allowing you to conveniently explore the country side and the country’s ancient civilization. An ox cart tour is a safe journey in Cambodian village bear by the rural area.

The first Oxen Cart Tour is in Somebour village which is just 5km south west of Siem Reap, take Oxcart riding for 30-40 minutes about 6k, around the typical village to enjoy the natural beauty of Cambodia countryside. You will also stop along the road to take photos of real Cambodian life and houses on stilt. After this unique tour you will be transferred to Tonle Sap lake for a private boat tour to explore the largest great lake in Asia and learn about life on the water.

The second ox cart tour will be at Rolous village about 15km southeast of Siem Reap, the ride begins from Bakong temple to Rolous primary school for 30minutes, roughly 5k, you will discover the attractive typical houses along the road near by school. The next, you will be driven south to take a boat trip for an hour ride on Tonle Sap lake to explore the real Cambodian life on the water. A trip on a floating village where hundreds of families living depending entirely by fishing in a traditional way make you feel deeply understanding how hard Cambodians work to survive.

Floating village consisting of over under families living on and the people there are living from fishing, here you will experience the real life on the water as you have never seen anywhere else in the world. You will also stop at the pagoda to learn about life of Buddhist Monks and Buddhism in Cambodia on the way back to city. You will also speak English with some monks and novices who want to practice the language with you. 

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