With Adventurous Asia's experience in charitable work, focussing on children and the family unit, we have many great ideas for tour adventures suitable for the whole family, focusing on activities that can involve the whole family regardless of the individual ages.

Our destinations offer a wide variety of attractions and activity options, combiningcultural experiences, natural discovery and

often much needed relaxation, all in one holiday. We are confident that your family will return, from your Adventurous Asiajourney, more inspired and not so exhausted. 


The Family Adventure Travel for all ages 

There are many possibilities for family adventure travels when they are traveling with their children who are flexible enough for Adventure Travel. All we need is required is a different mindset and the right preparation.We are looking forward to offering adventure  packages during your travel vacation every now and then. We find out different tourism attractions to explore, activities to do, things to see, that are of interest to both your and your children.Traveling with young children you will be kept busy anyway. Whether they are playing in a playground, or watching interesting things, enjoying with nature and culture that may make make a difference from home. Why should you refrain from doing things you like? Chances are your children will like them too.  


The Children are interested in different cultures Do you notice how children stare at other people as they look different when they express different in language and interest. But they really want to play with the others. Soon  they are very quick in accepting these differences.They also have  photos taken with different people and learn lot of stories to tell their friends at school.

We also organize very interesting acivities, unique transportation and bring them to rare visited places.


The following is a list of possible ailments occasionally found in the region: Diphtheria & Tetanus; Polio; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Typhoid; Cholera; Rabies; Japanese B Encephalitis; Tuberculosis; Malaria



What do you need Traveling with children, you are required more comfortable ,transportation, better facilities of accommodation, well prepared equipement such as the children cot, chair, a bath, or even the box of snack and mosquito spray that  you have to book ahead. Protect your children from the mosquitoes and insects by using long sleeves and spray at night for preventing them from malaria.



Your Safety We're experts on leading adventures to the areas or the adventure destination and take all precautions to ensure a safe, yet exciting experience. We use safe transportation and only people we have personally trained and support staff plus additional assistance on the finer points of safety and service.Our people have personally designed the adventures you participate in.




Health Precautions You please follow advice recommended by your doctor or local travel clinic. We strongly recommend you visit a travel medical clinic prior to your adventure.

There are ways to avoid any health problems while traveling is to take proper pre-trip preparations by drinking bottled water, eating quality food that you never have experience that may during anything more than an upset stomach.

Malaria medication is necessary. we recommend that you contact a travel health professional to  help you assess your specific needs

Insects and mosquitoes are generally not a big problem in Cambodia, but again . However, we do recommend all our valued travelers wearing light colored, long trousers and shirts in the early evenings, as well as insect repellent - our support staff always have some on offer. 



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