Adventurous Asia MICE and Incentive Travel helps you explore each destination in a unique way and return home with an unforgettable memory.

Cambodia is one of the most well established meetings, conferences and incentive destinations in Asia. The country has such remained  such awesome ruins that established during the golden age dating back from 9th- 15th centuries, the world famous sacred buildings on earth Angkor Wat, the jewel in the jungle of Tomb Raider, Ta Prohm,  the mountains and other natural resources are a MUST see and beautiful pristine beaches to relax.  No doubt you will stay at luxury, worldwide brand and international standard and treat as king and queen, enjoy unique flavor and testy Cambodian cuisine cooked by experienced world top chef and organized by our exports at the ruins and selected locations with perfect environments.  This charming country truly offers the best cultural event and show, and you will be enhanced by lively arts scene and exciting nightlife while exploring the city at night. 

What are MICE?

Meeting / Conference

Adventurous Asia offers quality of a variety of services for the meeting, incentive and conference in the region. Our potential in MICE and Incentive industry is the leading one amongst the top operators in Asia as strong connections and networks worldwide and resourceful staff and experts.

We listen from you; your specific requirements are best though of our team in a personal to tailor the services. 

The services we can offer for incentive events offering a full range of services from ground service team building activities to selected luxury accommodation:

-              Hotel recommendations and booking, and organizing conference room at any location based on customers’ requests.

-              Analyzing and verifying specific requirements all the factors in term of budget, service and equipment at conference

-              Airport transfers and transportation at any destination based on the on program and request 

-              Ballroom, meeting room and banquet/restaurant arrangements 

-              Team-building programs and equipment preparation- arrangements

 -              Registration fee collection

-              Name badges and event signage

 -              Connection with third party suppliers including hotels and logistics companies get involved

 -              Arrangement of audio-visual equipment and stage productions

 -              Arrangements of Show and entertainment at archeological site and favorite place  arrangements

 -              Conferences & Forums

 More options we offer!!!!

 How can you be completed your adventure without taking a scenic ride on an elephant?

This activity is a most fun experience and an excellent adventure for all age groups, whether you have ridden an elephant before or not.  As you take your journey, you will understand how the elephant has been so important in the creation of the fabulous kingdom of Cambodia. The elephant has seen and served many kings and queens as they have travelled to and from the temple to community- Royal palace.

Hop on an elephant for your elephant ride at the South Gate of Angkor Thom city and then carried you to the Bayon temple in a regal style. The trip lasts for 25mn with its distance 1.5km along the smooth shady road. Then ride around the Bayon, the most impressive temple in Angkor Thom city and really one of the most spectacular ruins of Angkor, its gigantic smiling faces looking at different directions, so the elephant ride around the Bayon is an interesting and meaningful ride to explore the faces and see its huge scale from outside.

Have you any experience on helicopter???

Experience the magnificent ruins of Angkor, and the surrounding area, in a different way ... from above with Adventurous Asia's helicopter tours.

The view of the Angkor Monuments, Tonle Sap (the huge great lake of Cambodia) and the tranquil landscape of the floating villages (where a number of people live in the floating houses) is absolutely breathtaking.

 You will also see the isolated temple of Beng Mealea and other amazing attractions, clearly being able to see the scale and the sophistication of all these architectural wonders of Angkor, from the air.

Flying in a helicopter is a unique life experience for many, but add to that the extra adventure of being able to admire these remarkable Cambodian treasures, and you will feel that you have truly experienced something very special.

What about Microlight flight ?

One of the most impressive and unique activities to enjoy while in Cambodia is having Micro Light Flight ride

The Siem Reap’s popular micro light flights  is one Of the various flights now available, the shortest trip is 15-20 minutes and the longest lasts one hour. The smallest journey flies to the Roulos Group,  the ancient capital of the Khmer containing three ruins, Bakong, Lolei and Preahko temple’’ must see from the air’’ and the flight does a circle round thereby 1500 feet high and other trips take in Phnom Krom, , Banteay Samre and finishing up with Pre Rup. Once again it is also able to cruise over Tonlé Sap and the floating villages, Kampong Phluk.

How about wedding here??

Cambodia is magical land of world heritage site, the famous sacred build on earth. The temples of Angkor are the most impressive UNESCO world heritage site a long time.  Today, the most well-known temple of the great empire, Angkor Wat  is figured on Cambodia's national flag as the temple symbolizes the soul of the Khmer people.

The wedding at the temple is the most important celebration in a lifetime, so celebrate your wedding in this historical and symbolic Cambodian area is one of the most unforgettable moments in your life.  Spend your time to have outdoor activities including taking photos and movies, private praying  and meditating  at the main holy shrine.

Then your next activity is seeing the monks at the pagoda for a private blessing. Pagoda is the place where Buddhist monks live and it is part of the daily life of Buddhists in Cambodia, the Buddhist philosophy is a principle concept for Cambodian people as well.

This don’t you take great opportunity to see the monks and have a little chart and celebrate your ceremony in an atmosphere of peace and serenity while having the blessing of a monk. Then you have a short tour around the building to see some beautiful paintings that tell story of Buddha from womb to the tomb.

Adventurous Asia helps you take care about your wedding ceremony ideas and make wedding moment happen. Please feel free to ask for an idea…..

We can also organize your honeymoon to extend this moment of happiness in Angkor or at flaunting stunning pristine beaches.

What is team Building?

Our team is experienced in events management, logistics and customer service. We managed many events in each travel destination. We help people around the world through our enthusiasm and passion to enjoy different events and activities we offer to get in touch with locals and learn more about the difference.  Our sharing in travel experiences and knowledge of country was a great aspect in Mice and Insentive industy. 

How About Amazing Race?

Siem Reap, Cambodia is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places in the world and truly impressive site for amazing race activities for all ages, the Adventurous Asia Amazing Race aims to make the most of it!

Amazing Race will start with a short briefing during which the group will be divided into teams, followed by the first clue after which the race will officially start.

An awesome ruin of Angkor is highly recommended to end off the day and hand out the prizes to the winning team.

 ‘’We make our way to Ta Prohm, the Tomb Raider temple. When you arrive, remember to pick up the text in the envelope and read the text inside. Hold your text and then go straight to the central shrine of the ruin and head out to the west gate. Find your own transportation and ride to Angkor Thom city for your next activity. Arrive at the east gate and head on to the Terrace of the Elephants, here you will find an elephant where its ear sealed with paper note ‘’ AWESOME’’ Then continue to the Bayon temple to find the Bas- Relief of Jayavaraman the 7th , the king of Angkor Thom which is on the eastern gallery and southern wing of the temple. From here, find out your own way to Angkor Wat. Here you have to find a statue of Vishnu with height arms and covered by saffron colored robe before heading tom the main shrine on the third floor.  Finally, head to the bus just behind Angkor Wat’’ for cartery at local residance in Siem Reap.

 Beach Challenge / Fun Day

Are you looking for exciting outdoor activities to bring your staff members together and motivate teamwork – all in a safe and fun environment?

 A Beach Challenge or Fun Day is a great option that offers all of the above.

 It all depends on the number of participants but we usually divide everyone into groups of 10 or 20 and then compete against each other. The Beach Challenge / Fun Day is one of the most popular team building activities that we offer. Location wise, these activities take place on the various beaches in Cambodia.

Beach Challenge & Fun Activities include:

Beach Soccer

Beach Volleyball

Beach Racing

Surfing Challenges

Tennis Playing

Evening Fire Work

And Beach Cocktails



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