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Ratanakiri the ‘a mountain of gems’ the total land area is 250,000 hectares is a province in northeastern Cambodia,  the populated is 150,000 residents make up just over 1% of the country's total population. Most of the residents live in villages of 20 to 60 families, they earn their vages from subsistence shifting agriculture. The province is promising travelers from all over the world unique prospects of tourism.

In 1960s the Khmer Rouge built its headquarters in the province and bombing during the Vietnam War devastated the region. Most of the people atribal minority are traditionally living shifting cultivation asaltering traditional ways of life.

Your Ratanakiri Tours incorporate everything from the places of natural beauty such as mountains and waterfalls to the temples, as well as shopping. The Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri include the following:
Yeak Laom Lake the

Yeak Laom Lake is a volcanic crater explosion 4000 over years ago, its depression is 50 m deep, 800 m wide and spans a walking path of 2500 m. 200 meters of the crater. Besides the fascinated beautiy of the nature you will see an old style wooden building housing the Crafts Museum that exhibits tribal handicraft. 
IWith its location about 5 kms southeast of Banlung,  this most beautiful lake in Ratanakiri formed by a volcanic, give you a greet and easy way to access.

Kachang Waterfall

This is one of the Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri situated. Kachang Waterfall is located  6 kms northwest of Banlung in the Kontung stream and it flows into the Sre Pok River. The height of waterfall is12 m, flows throughout the year. You will enjoy a beautiful landscape of fresh mist surroundings.  Our clients can have a look around and bath at the waterfall or go around the place on foot or take an elephant ride. 

Eisey Patamak Mountain
The mountain houses the statue of a reclining Buddha, which has lain undisturbed down the years. Glimpse the other Tourist Attractions in Ratanakiri from here like Vietnam in the east and Laos in the north, and enjoy the serenity of the countryside.


Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, is located 37 kilometers southwest of the provincial capital. It is a must-see place in the colorful Cambodia. it is an exotic place you can have a glimpse of the special kinds of animals that are present here, like tigers, wild ox, Ko Prey, elephants and red-headed vultures. The people who come to explore this place every year is to explore the natural treasure and experience culture and enjoy the rich wildlife, ecotourism prospects and remote tribal villages.

The Virachey National Park
It covers an area of 3325 sq kms, the Virachey National Park provides tourists with ideal conditions for sightseeing. It is magnificent place Extended Wilderness Treks conducted. 

Flora: Virachey National Park  is made of dense semi evergreen lowlands and montane forests, bamboo thickets, upland savannah, and sporadic patches of mixed deciduous forest. Hillocks and low mountains dominate the topography at over 400 m above sea level. Grassland and scrubs are found in isolated areas as well as in marshlands. The types of vegetation comprise: humid medium elevation formations and humid low elevation formations, montane slopes and montane peneplain, middle valley reaches, valley floors, western lowland, isolated granite outcrops and wetlands. 

Fauna: Virachey National Park, Tonle Sap River & Beyond, Ratanakiri
The study indicates that there can be about 156 vertebrates in the area. The bovines, small carnivores, cats and primates are endangered species. The globally threatened primates include the Pygmy Loris, Slow Loris, Long-tailed Macaque, Pig-tailed Macaque, Douc Langur and Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon. Species of meticulous concern are elephant, gaur, tiger, and the banteng.
There are 100 bird species of international significance in the Virachey National Park. The Germain’s Peacock Pheasant, a restricted species, is supported here. Other near threatened species includes the Red-collared Woodpecker, Siamese Fireback and Great Hornbill. The aquatic environment comprises freshwater crocodile and tortoise, otters, and fish species.


The Norng Kabat Forest, Ratanakiri  houses a beautiful pond is is located about 23 kilometers to the north of Banlung in Ratanakiri, one of the splendid tourist attractions in Ratanakiri, which is frequented by many birds and animals. It attracts tens of thousands of travelers throughout the year, they can also enjoy the wonderful opportunity of watching the beautiful animals and  the unique opportunity of visiting the ethnic villages of the town. A visit to the ethnic villages of Ratanakiri will acquaint tourists with the culture and custom of the local people. You can also know about the festivals celebrated by the ethnic people by traveling these ethnic villages. The traditional dance and music performances of the ethnic villagers are a major draw for the international visitors.

Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri

A visit to the Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri is a memorable experience for the tourists. The province of Ratanakiri lies in Northeastern Cambodia. The word Ratanakiri is derived from the two Sanskrit words Ratna meaning gems and Giri which stands for mountain. The province is a popular destination for tourists all throughout the year. There are a number of tourist attractions in Ratanakiri. The rich wildlife and remote tribal villages here attract numerous travel enthusiasts. You should check out the Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri for a refreshingly new experience.

Katieng Waterfall in Ratanakiri is located just 7 kilometers northwest of Banlung, the capital of the province. You will find it located in the Koutung Stream. The beautiful waterfall lies just 3 kilometers below another fascinating waterfall, the Kachang Waterfall. Katieng Waterfall stands 10 meters high. One of the specialties of this waterfall is that it never dries up. Water continues to flow and fall through this place the whole year. You can also enjoy the picturesque landscapes surrounding the waterfall. Take a break at Katieng Waterfall, Ratanakiri during your sightseeing and take a few snaps. The natural landscape is also a gathering place for a variety of birds. You can indulge in bird watching here too.

Location: Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri

If you follow the road towards Stung just over half a kilometer, turn right on the dirt road that leads up to a temple area. The main temple of the Wat Rah-Tahn-Ah-Rahm (Reclining Buddha), Ratanakiri is located on this level. If you continue to walk on the road that goes upward at the rear of the temple for just over another half a kilometer, you will come to the area on the summit of the hill. There is a reclining Buddha resting on the apex. From here, you can enjoy the nice view of the countryside and the mountains off in the distance.

Mondulkiri Province and Attractions

Mondulkiri is a small-town in the eastern region of Cambodia. The town is surrounded by green hills, small villages, and some beautiful waterfalls The Sen Monorom Waterfall is one such beautiful attraction of the place. A number of beautiful waterfalls are among the main Tourist Attractions in Mondulkiri.

Apart from that the scenic minority villages in the outskirts of the provincial town are also favorite tourist’s spots.

It will be better if you spend at least one or two days at the scenic places in order to enjoy the real charm of the place. Besides, some of the places are ideal for adventure sports. So, it is better to visit Mondulkiri around the month of February to make the most of it. 

While Sightseeing in Mondulkiri begin your tour with a visit to the beautiful 3 staged Sen Monorum Waterfall. This picturesque water fall is only 5 kilometers from the town. The location, with thick tropical forestation, is ideal for trekking, hiking and biking. 

From there head towards the Rum Near Waterfall following the red soil trail. Drive 5 kilometers further from there and you will reach the waterfall. The scenic location is ideal for picnic. 

These apart, the Tourist Attractions in Mondulkiri include plantation of pine trees, the scenic Pou lung village, Phnom Prich Sanctury, Memang Gold Mines Area and many more. 


 Boo Sra Waterfall, Mondulkiri is one of the most popular tourist Attractions in Mondulkiri. If you are a nature lover and in favor of eco-tourism, it is the right place for you in Cambodia. The water fall itself is a major attraction while the surrounding area

covered with rich tropical plantation has enhanced the beauty of Boo Sra Waterfall, Mondulkiri. 
The site is about 43 kilometer from the provincial town. While you set out for sightseeing follow red soiled road that runs outside the town. Drive about an hour to reach Boo Sra Waterfall in Mondulkiri. 

The most beautiful waterfall in Modulkiri, Boo Sra waterfall has three cascading levels. At the first stage the waterfall has 15 meter diameter. During rainy season the height remains about 8 to 12 meters and it gets 10 to15-meter high in dry season. 

The Second stage of Boo Sra Waterfall, Mondulkiri has 23-meter diameter and 15-meter to 20-meter height in rainy season. In the dry season the diameter decreases and the height increases. The waterfall shrinks to 20-meter in diameter while reaches a 18-meter to 25-meter height in dry season. The second stage of the waterfall has nearly 150 meter distance from the first stage of Boo Sra Waterfall in Mondulkiri. 

At the third stage the waterfall is much stronger and the waters flows with more speed than the second stage. It is not possible for the general tourists to reach the site of the third stage as it is located in the dense forest. If you are an adventure lover you can try to reach the third stage of Boo Sra Waterfall, Mondulkiri. But before you set out, take enough precautions as the route is dangerous and fierce animals lurk behind the bushes.

Sen Monorom Waterfall, Mondulkiri is one of the most beautiful scenic spot in Cambodia. The picturesque water fall is surrounded by lush green tropical vegetation. The waterfall located at Sen Monorum District is only 5 kilometers from the provincial town.
 The Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. It is located close to the main town center. Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri is known for the rich historical tradition and culture and is visited by plenty of tourists. 

Pou Lung Village in Mondulkiri is located near the town center of Senmonorom. It is around 10 kms from the town centre and takes around 15 minutes by car. The village consists of ancient sites and historical specimens. There are also local buildings which are wonderfully designed and decorated. 

Pou Lung Village is a wonderful example of local rustic setting and culture. Travelers who visit the village have a feel of the diverse culture of the rural areas in Mondulkiri

Travelers can also buy local artifacts and handicrafts from the village. Travelers can also taste local mouth watering delicacies in the village. The village is also popular among travelers as an excursion spot. 

Various tours are undertaken to Pou Lung Village, Mondulkiri. The tourist board as well as travel agencies organize such tours. They are mostly of single days. Travelers can hire cars, taxis and buses to reach the village.
 Plantation of Pinetrees, Mondulkiri is one of the main tourist attractions in Mondulkiri. It is a beautiful spot full of pine trees. Plantation of Pinetrees, Mondulkiri is visited by lots of tourists from all over the world. 

The Plantation of Pinetrees in Mondulkiri is located just 6 kms away from the main town center of Senmonorom and is easily accessible from different corners of the province. According to historical records, the history of the pine trees date back to ancient ages during the reign of Kum Reas NiYum. It takes around 20 minutes to travel to the spot by car via the National Road 14. The place is also ideal for excursion trips and picnic. 

The Plantation of Pinetrees is located on a highland and some of the pine trees grow up to a tall height. The path to the highland has a scenic surrounding and is covered with
 Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary, Ratanakiri is one of the must-see places in the colorful Cambodia. The province of Ratanakiri is located in the northeastern part of the country. The total land area of this sanctuary is 250,000 hectares. Travelers are fascinated at the various sights and sounds of the exotic place. If you are lucky, you can have a glimpse of the special kinds of animals that are present here, like tigers, wild ox, Ko Prey, elephants and red-headed vultures. The word Ratanakiri is derived from the Sanskrit words Ratna and Giri, which mean ‘a mountain of gems’. Many tourists come to explore this place every year to explore the natural treasure and experience culture and enjoy the rich wildlife, ecotourism prospects and remote tribal villages.
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