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Tourist Attractions in Takeo
There are innumerable and most of them are historical sites. This is because Takeo province is the oldest among the 22 provinces that constitute the Cambodian realm. Here the earliest Anachak Phnoms ruled. Even the Chenlas settled here. Besides the 34 ancient temples that dot the region there are some exquisite nature and wildlife Tourist Attractions in Takeotoo. 

Some of the most important temples in Takeo are:
· Tonle Bati
· Ta Prohm Temple
· Chup Pol Temple
· Ba Yang Temple
· Phnom Ta Mao Temple
· Phnom Chiso Temple 

The Tonle Bati is a lake area and here there is a beautiful temple. This temple was built in between the late 12th and 13th century. The specialty of this temple is that it has been dedicated to the followers of Brahmanism and Buddhism.
Ta Prohm temple is renowned for the bas-relief works that reflect the bleaker facets of the ancient life of the people before the Angkor era. 

Chup Pol temple located in the Doun Peaeng Village region is also one of the major tourist attractions in Takeo. Another important temple is the Neang Khmao Temple. The Phnom Chi temple is located in the Chissor Mountain. This place is not only renowned for the fascinating temple but also because of the gorgeous surroundings. Some of the other places that have now become quite popular as tourist destinations in Takeo are:
  • Phnom Da - Tourists often hike to the Phnom Da. On reaching the top the tourists can have bird's eye view of the surrounding.
  • Chruos Phaork - This is a nature and wildlife resort that takes roughly 1 hour to reach from the Provincial town.
  • Phnom Kleng - This is also a nature and wildlife preserve which tourists love to visit.
  • Phnom Ba Yang Resort - This is a mountain on which is built the laterite temple.

That is not all there is a museum and a zoo at Phnom Ta Mao which are included in the list of tourist attractions in Takeo. This museum was built primarily to preserve the ancient relics and objects. In the zoo there are 150 tetra-pods. In addition the tourists will also get to see 38 varieties of birds. In the zoo there are 30 reptiles too. Takeo Tourist Attractions especially the historical sites are true reflection of the heritage and the culture of the place.

Kompong Speu Province

 Kampong Speu province offers wonderful tourist spots for Sightseeing in Kampong Speu. Each year, tourists and adventurers from every corner of the world come to enjoy the Tourist Attractions in Kampong Speu, which promise to offer you an unforgettable holiday experience. There are many wonderful Tourist Attractions in Kampong Speu. Besides, the place is home to a wide array of flora and fauna. The cultural and historical landmarks enable you to get a feel of the inner soul of the country. 

Kampong Speu is one of the highlights of visited tourist destinations of Cambodia. Speu stands for `starfruit’ in Cambodia. Apart from the Tourist Attractions in Kampong, the city is more famous for its wine and palm sugar. 

Some of the popular Tourist Attractions in Kampong Speu are Ampe Phnom, Golf Center, Hot Spring, Phnom Prey Khmer Resort, Preah Soramrith Kosomak, Te Tuek Puos, and so on. 

The Amper Phnom is a small mountain which is visited by many tourists round the year. If you want to spend a quiet day in a relaxed mood, then Amper Phnom is the best place. You can picnic with your friends and family members. Take a walk by the side of the river. Amper Phnom is located at a distance of about five kilometers from the town of Kampong Speu. 

The Hot Spring is situated at Phnom Te Village in the Aural District. The spot is about 126 kilometers from the city of Phnom Penh. The Hot Spring offers natural health remedies. It is expected to grow as a rehabilitation centre in the near future. The 70 degree Celsius temperature of the hot spring is indeed relaxing.

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