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We put our heartfelt in greeting to providing you the most positive memorable experience to relaxing places, quiet, cool and peaceful including stress free holiday experience. From the ruins in Angkor we combine the trip to the traditional villages, monastery and other attractive tourism sites to relax yourself into the real life adventure.
In this glorious destination, we offer recreation entertainment, exciting shows, museum, take a simple walk on the Angkor Thom city wall or an excursion on a hot air balloon. We organize beautiful hotels with full facilities in very convenient location. Explore the Angkor Wat ruins at dawn to catch spectacular sunrise view at Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom or Ta Prohm. Enjoy your holiday with us in slow romantic style, feel free to have the time of your life, our goal is to provide you all the best services and dedicate ourselves to ensuring all your holiday dreams come true.

Private Journey

Our itineraries are flexible on the request with inclusive varieties of choice, our experts will tailor your trip to your interest, the qualified tour guides take care of the schedule and details and take you to the fantastic places that are always hard to navigate on your own. Adventurous Asia builds up opportunities to get an insider’s perspective places in Asia. You will be accompanied by expert on walking tour excursions and facilitating your own interest, the accommodation goes to be more comfort by combining with top quality of land transport on destination. So you are able to immerse yourself in to the real life experience.

Adventure with Tuk Tuk( Tuk Tuk Excursion)

It is very useful and convenient trip between and local and foreigners. Traveling with this transportation is a highlight in Cambodia and a unique opportunity with fresh air, spectacular views and attractions in Cambodia. Adventurous Asia Tuk Tuk Driver and expert guide know the destination like the back of their hands and work hard on schedule to complete your aspiration and desire. We use this safe and comfortable transport due to the road condition and surrounding atmosphere. Our travel professional will draw your travel guideline according to your request and organize this journey as soon as you need.

Cycling in Cambodia Angkor Complex

Biking is more fun and joyful in atmospheric spots in Cambodia, especially around Angkor Park; the road is well paved and gives you the sense of accomplishment to your trip. Besides the exercise, you might have remarkable experiences with your visit to isolated tourism attraction sites, outskirt villages which are rarely visited and hard to explore on your own. In fact, you have time to talk with people translated by your expert escorted tour guide and you will have pictures taken with them as they have been waiting for ages.


Our high vision on the valued clients journey to Asia we strongly recommend the oxen cart trip that will make your extra journey meaningful, the majority of Cambodians have used this transportation for many years for taking care of family needs and agricultural requirement This affordable and safe journey possibly conveniently serves to reach multi-cultural Cambodia where there is no available arrangement in Europe either US. This activity is focusing on sightseeing the country side and exploring the country’s ancient civilization of origin. This travel service wishes you to have rewarding cultural adventure, leisurely travel experience while visiting and becoming to aware of the rich Cambodian history and traditions.


On land travel based travel offers multi-purpose specializing education, history art and culture, we also organize the hot air balloon ride over Angkor Wat where you can be able to explore the spectacular view over Angkor temples in the air the tourist will portray extensive legacy of Angkor. The balloon tour is available whole day long.


Adventurous Asia provides an excellent adventure and fun experience for all aged travelers who are interested in riding on the elephants, in the ancient capital of Angkor, at Angkor Thom, around the famous Bayon temple and climbing on the Phnom Bakheng for sunset viewing. Our high class land excursion elephant ride accommodation is committed to making your visit to Cambodia a sophisticated experience with complete safety and a secure ride. The ride may make you imagine on the important trip on the elephant for the king, soldier and ruin construction; the rare journey we acknowledge is to reeducate people of the Cambodia to open their heart to preserve the sustainable living wildlife which has almost disappeared from Cambodia, we constantly put the recourses to improve the quality of understanding in preserving the animals and to help people achieve the educational goals with high level of education to motivate the other people in the country and support the community.


Experience the magnificent ruins of Angkor and around Cambodia with Adventurous Asia Helicopter to enjoy serving the breath taking scenic view of Angkor Monuments, Tonle Sap, the huge great lake of Cambodia and the tranquil landscape and the floating villages where the number of poor people live on the floating hourses and visit the isolated temple Beng Mea lea and other attractive adventurous sites before you leave Cambodia. On the helicopter flight, you might bring your scene to approach your own interest on Cambodian scenery, sophisticated architectural massive wonder of Angkor in the air. Flying Helicopter is a unique life time experience to view your remarkable favorite spots, you feel more adventurous and thrill yourselves in real universe.


The unique adventure with horse cart, in Cambodia which is organized by this professional tour company is invaluable, we would like to guide all valued clients to have enjoyed a life long experience with Cambodian people who have used the horse cart since pre Angkorian period up to present day. Infact horse carts were entirely used for temple construction, stone transport, merchandiser transfer and both military procession and in every day transport and agricultural needs.

Tracking (Forest and the villages)

This travel program is designed to promote the people from over the world to aware of regular exercise, respect the environment, preserve the forest in Cambodia and support the community based environmental center in region. We also take the opportunity to empower and educate the people through community and society. After thirty years of war, the forests have been destroyed, as Cambodians were not able to protect the forest. Our extended programs strive to emphasize on the natural environment and promote environmental education where people have lost environmental education opportunities. We also advocate ourselves to improve the villagers’ health care by educating them about proper sanitation and public welfare. We take the chance to reach the youths to help maintain the quality of living by avoiding the illegal activity that may be harmful and dangerous.

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